In Final

I needed to do a final composition for my planned LP. So, I started with the idea of a synthetic heartbeat again and set it to 60 bpm. It felt so slow like it was near to stop. Now I had this picture in my mind. At night, a man who is lying on the critical care unit connected to all these life support instruments and his heart is near to stop beating.

Many people with an asystole who were revitalised told, as their heart stopped beating they left the body and hovered over the situation. They saw themself lying and how the doctors worked to bring them back to life. They felt so freed and well that they wanted to tell the doctors to stop, that it is all as good as it is now. Then they spoke of a clear white light that grows and attract them.

I started with a 15h studio session at first, followed by another three.  I let it all out musically, thoughts who effected my head and my heart. The mixdown I did in weekly steps.