It was in the beginning of 2015. You have to know that one of my hobbys is to study the history of electronic music. I noticed early that the productions of the band “Talk Talk” in the mid 80’s had an outstanding quality in expression and sound quality. I ordered now every LP they released on Audio Disc. Unbelievable, they did it in the 80’s. I wanted to know everything about the band. How was the process in production? Who was involved?

Tim Friese-Greene the producer had a hand for the technique and an ear for the right sound. He and the leader Mark Hollis seemed to have a grateful understanding. It looks like they worked very hard on every production. At this time Mark Hollis stamped the following words:
“Before you play two notes learn how to play one note – and don’t play one note unless you’ve got a reason to play it.”

Word … What followed was to produce a track with this strategy. I questioned every note and every sound I played. Everything that is left in this instrumental was scrutinized and I tried to make it sound as perfect as I can.
No sound mastering was needed at the end, also no sum compression. I liked the idea to give this song the maximum in dynamic, but perfection in every single sound.

To ever work like this would drive me nuts, but if there is uncertainty in new productions I remember what Mark Hollis said …