S.O.L._1 (Signs of Life)

Dear time travellers,

Mario Toni kindly asked me to use some of my compositions for his videographics. After he showed me a rough cut I was impressed by his professional work and attitude. So, we came to an agreement and here it is:

Camera, editing & production by Mario Toni Belamaric © Belamarimages 2016. Music by Fresh Moods – Moonstars ( Video Edit), taken form the Album “Orfine” under license of Zentralmodul Records.

Thanks Mario Toni for your great realisation to show our combined work in art.

Yours truly,



Inner Center

The most compositions start with the mood I have at that moment. I felt confused and needed a song that helps me to find a way to clear my thoughts. I searched for my inner center. The place in my mind I go back to when I have lost my way. So, the name of the song was set.

My work started with the beat as most times. The chords I wanted to choose should bring me out of every tension. The sound I choose for is as necessary as the basic chord itself. Most times I sit hours on it for the programming. The sound is a part of the composition, because the harmonies in it coalesce with the basic chord. Next followed the bass line, as simple as possible, just to settle the mood I captured so far.

I early felt in love with the sound of the Hawaiian guitar. Its open release and clear sound brings me in a good mood. But as an artist I ever search for possibilities to expand what already exists. So, I chose no guitar to generate that sound again, but a harp-guitar simulator that creates nearly the same basic sound. It let me edit harmonics, envelopes and dynamics. As the basic sound was created plus my favourite analogue hall, I started to improvise by playing over the existing background. I composed two melodies I liked and didn’t wanted to miss one of it. So I had the idea to use one for the text- and one for the refrain- song part. Now it works like a singer, not like a part of the background instrumental.

The first arrangement followed. The bridge is ever a challenge to me. It takes a long time to find something here to make it a special one until all falls back into the endless harmony of the refrain. Now it was necessary for me to find a distance to the created composition. It helped to rate what I have done so far. So, I started two weeks later with clean ears to do the final arrangement and mixdown.

The essence is what I wanted to here, in hope you like it too…